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If for any reason, the relationship seems to have opposition or an expiry date, see it as a red flag.

Statements like, “This is just a summer fling” are a warning sign. They want someone that will be there for the long haul.

They want to know that you will go the extra mile to make the relationship work.

All of these things are desirable in a good, long-term relationship, but they show you are desperate in the short term.

The first set of lies is very simple, but the more detailed the questions the more likely you will catch them in a lie.

Also, it can put them off balance and make them less attracted to you.

This slows down the process of them collecting data and allows you an opportunity to determine if they are lying.

For example, you say, “I love dancing the Macarena” They reply, “I do too! ” This next direct question forces them to be more specific.

There will be time in the future to share these details if this is the right person. Don’t fight for the relationship right at the beginning.

Narcissists are attracted to someone that is too desperate to easily leave any relationship, even a bad one.

If their friends or family wouldn’t approve, why would you want to be with someone when you would be an outcast or disliked?

A person that actually loves you, respects your right to privacy, time with your friends and your need to have time to yourself. Keep seeing your friends, doing your hobbies and pursuing your interests.

If your new dating partner insists on seeing you every minute, it as a sign of pathology not adoration.

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