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10 best online dating headlines

Russian, Iranian and Syrian flags are flown from balconies.

Meanwhile, heavy snow (right) is adding to the misery of thousands awaiting evacuation from east Aleppo.

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to live in a scene from your favourite Christmas film?WTFFFFFFFF please spread.' Saleh and his friend were marched off the flight, as several passengers waved goodbye to them (right), and were interviewed by police at the airport after the incident.However, neither were charged and they were both re-booked on another Delta flight home to New York City.As the final wounded and starved civilians are evacuated from east Aleppo after five long years of civil war, Syrians loyal to President Assad in west Aleppo have thrown a Christmas celebration.Video footage shows children singing in a choir, musicians dressed as Santa playing trumpets and a large Christmas tree twinkling at the festive party in government-held west Aleppo.

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FEMAIL reveals how much the familiar properties could set us back today, including Kate Winslet's idyllic Surrey cottage in The Holiday (top left), Kevin Mc Callister's family home in suburban Chicago (top right), Susan's dream home from Miracle on 34th Street (below left), and Martine Mc Cutcheon's humble London terrace in Love Actually (below right).

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