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If at all possible, I try to avoid using China Mail for any shipments as the delivery time is simply too long.

If your supplier is located in Hong Kong, you can use HK Airmail which is way more reliable, comes with a tracking number and usually arrives within 5-10 days. Shipping with a courier company will be the most suitable method for most people starting out IF it involves small, lightweight items.

I personally use TNT and DHL most of the time as their prices have worked out lowest for me.

However, in my examples I won’t be counting European Union countries as goods can be freely moved across the EU without paying extra import duty or VAT.

Shipping times vary from company to company, but in general range between 5 to 10 days which is not bad at all!

With Air Freight costs will be significantly lower than with courier companies, but extra work is involved when the goods arrive in your destination country.

With Air Freight, expect to pay £2-£3 per kilo for a 100kg shipment.

Air Freight is usually cost effective once shipments are in the range of 100kg or more UNLESS very bulky items are involved; if that’s the case your only viable option is to use Sea Freight. This is the most popular shipping method used by big companies to import goods from China.

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