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He always tries to cheer me up and surprises me by doing nice things for me. Our marriage isn’t a fairytale but now I feel like I know how to keep our relationship strong and keep our communication good, even when we go through struggles.Nobody in my friends and family would do something like this, and I was afraid that I would get scammed by some crazy California hippy.I could see how confident and attractive he was, and I wanted to learn to be that way for myself.It was nice to have the weekly check-ins to have someone guide me through the process.Please be prepared to fully commit to the entire process.If you’re interested in finding out more and setting up a free initial consultation, please send me an email at [email protected] the subject line “1-on-1 coaching” and answer the following questions: It’s kind of a funny story, but I actually signed up to work with Liz after one of her past male clients flirted with me.I feel like I have more of the skills and tools to turn on and off my attraction energy so that I’m more in control of it.I was scared about what I may find out about myself if I went really deep inside, but I knew that in order to make a breakthrough and to take a next step, I knew intuitively that what I wanted was on the other side of what I was afraid to do.

It’s about so much more than getting laid or getting a hot girlfriend.But, when I found out that a woman that I was attracted to was also attracted to me, I was so terrified by this that I actually left the party and hid from her.This is when I realized that my current dating life was unacceptable to me, and I was going to make a change, regardless of what I would have to do.With that in mind, here is a bit about how my coaching program works; if this sounds like something you might be interested in, then I look forward to hearing from you.If not, thanks for stopping by, and I wish you the best in finding what you’re looking for.

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I got a relationship and a woman who, in every dimension, exceeds my expectations, and I have an amazing connection with her. I had watched a lot of videos about how to improve in dating, but I knew I needed to work with someone one-on-one in order to apply the principles to my own life.

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