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In March of 2010, John Grimaldi decided to attend Risa's 8minute Dating event in Princeton, NJ, and when he met the host, his spirits brightened indeed. My wife Cathy and I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Risa and John over the years. During the intermission he approached me and said he wanted to take me out.

They're two wonderful people and a terrific couple. Risa Glaser and John Grimaldi - East Brunswick, NJ I attended my 2nd 8 minute dating event one year ago this week, February 8, 2007. After the event was over he asked if I wanted to go next door for dinner.

If most people in this group would be interested in dating someone your age, then feel free to sign up for that event!

A: We don't check IDs at the event, but we do want our participants to be "age appropriate".

I must thank you for having your events and please share if you wish our good fortune with our fellow speed daters. Stuart Stuart Martinsen & Ann Chen - Princeton, NJ (Married in August 2015) Event Organizer: Eclectic Events, Inc.

Risa has hosted more than 1,000 8minute Dating events throughout New York and New Jersey since 2006.I told him this was against the rules as we should go home and enter our choices online.I decided to go ahead and be a rule breaker and am I glad I did.We are so happy and can't wait to start a family!!!We laugh that we met at a 8 minute dating event, but are both so grateful that we have found true love.

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We had a late dinner that night and talked for three hours.

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