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The way she flirts with me tells me she wants her legs tucked behind her ears and Donna is 4'11" like 170lbs and tits so big they sit up under her chin.

She is not very attractive to me but we click and i find her personality makes me think i can do this cock balls deep grinding and long stroking her pussy.

I work too many hrs and ive never been a chubby but thats what my options are right now.

Wouldnt you know it, my neighbor and her husband are seperated and shes been extra friendly or should i say forth coming towards me.

It on like donkey kong with a little something something that made her pass out completely.

I asked one of her friends to help me put her into bed.

I want to do it again, and maybe this time let her friend mess with her a bit. Others, stop posting dead bodies, or super fat bodies.

Come on, lets go get a drink, I know a great place called "Pete's Finger"Stranger: "Alright I figure I owe you one or two for all that" I wave dismissively as I offer you an arm You: take your arm and we head to Pete's Finger You: its a dive You: smoky You: working girls You: drug deals in the back You: booths with closing doors Stranger: "I like it, it's got personality" I smirk as I look at you hungrily as I walk us up to the bar and waving the server over "What can I get you" I say not taking my eyes off your cleavage for more than a few seconds You: I will have Alien Brain Hemmorage You: with a tequila Stranger: "Get her two of those, and I'll have a beer and 2 shots of tequila" I say and pay before turning back to you "Apology Accepted?Donna is her name and dont get me wrong she is one of the coolest ladies that live in the park.I dont know her age i do know she has kids that recently moved out.Ive lived here 4 almost 5 years and ive been a hermit.The only time i leave is to go to work for8-12hrs aday 6 and every other week 7 days a week.

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