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Posted by / 26-Oct-2015 23:09

Parents usually get so upset and intimidated in these situations, they are almost paralyzed, Belsey notes.

He says parents should be open with their children about monitoring, and explain they do it because it's their responsibility to protect them.

Marc Franche of the RCMP advises parents to get and save screenshots of any communications, or at least photograph the screen when their child is online with the predator.

For Franche, the "worst part" is how often cases of online sexual exploitation go unreported.

"That is the biggest impediment to capturing these repeat offenders," who usually target many kids at the same time.

He says victim families often become embarrassed and ashamed, leading to a lack of reporting.

If you do, "typically what happens is they are going to shut down and not want to share and disclose." Also, don't blame your child.

Talk to them about the tactics sexual predators use, including flattery, pity, persistence, affection, kindness, interest and sympathy.

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A Toronto father has become a hero to many Canadian parents after ferreting out a 30-year-old Ohio man who had been sexually harassing his 12-year-old daughter online.