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Not only is Christian successful in matching Christians, we're also independently Christian owned.That means we share your Christian faith and values. "Without your site, I probably would have not met my husband of four years. Stop Avoiding The Issue And Start Speaking Up Here's something you may not know about men, or even agree with, but it's true ... Can you really tell a man everything on your mind — even the not-so-pretty stuff? Has a man ever told you of some plans he had to hang out with his friends, or travel somewhere by himself for whatever reason, and you pretended to be perfectly okay with it because you didn't want to seem "needy? You might conclude that you can't be honest with a man, when in reality a little tweaking in terms of timing and delivery can make all the difference ...So when a woman shares something that isn't "perfect," a man will take it as you thinking that he is not good enough — and not just that something happened in your relationship that can easily be changed or improved in the future.

This kind of real and authentic honesty is the first step, and the one and only path to a real, secure, and lasting relationship where both partners know that their feelings are heard and respected.

Here’s your action plan: sit down with him today at some time when you're both settled and relaxed.

Then tell him that you respect his feelings, and that you appreciate the way he respects yours.

This is what men like so much about the way they can communicate with each other.

And, in fact, it drives them nuts when you aren't open and direct.

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If they are planning something that you don't agree with, they want you to let them know at the start — as soon as possible — before it becomes a bigger issue or concern.