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Here is a slew of dating apps that are better alternatives to Tinder. Hinge Hinge is the perfect alternative for those who dislike Tinder.For starters, it claims to be "anti-Tinder" and is quite selective.An ideal way to make the most of current sunshine, Crumbs is a great way to see a different side of London.In Charly’s case, the trail in Richmond together with a more traditional dinner style date in the middle of the walk was a winning combination for a comfortable and lively alternative dating experience.Moreover, unless an individual resides in a metropolitan city, the chances of them walking past several other Happn users seems quite slim. This basically means that one has a vast pool of potential dates (or catches in this case) to choose from! This app combines Tinder and Twitter - giving you the best of both worlds.It is a quirky variant of Twitter as in it shows the user's 14-character profile and then there image, which is initially blurred.The idea is to connect with the person and then the looks!"Add your Twitter-like fact & discover people by personality first, looks second.

Charly tested out the app by using it on a real first date, electing to download the trail separately they kept the competitive edge alive as they raced along the picturesque and informative route through Richmond.

The premise is simple, a series of short trails around the City which is a cross between a treasure hunt and a pub quiz.

Starting and finishing at London tube stations makes Crumbs City Trails easy to plan as they take you past the major sights in London.

Hinge will let users connect only with their immediate friends, friends of their friends or third-degree pals via a user's Facebook account, thereby reducing the pool of potential weirdos. Happn While Happn works in a similar fashion to Tinder (i.e.

The idea is to facilitate a personal connection through a mutual friend. you click on the heart button of an individual you fancy and if they don't reciprocate, they will not know you showed interest), it only lists potential mates who a person has been physically near lately.

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