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Ancient egyptian dating system

4: There is no agreement on exactly when the 1,460-year cycle is supposed to have begun. In the absence of certainty, the liberals just latched onto one set of dates (1320 B. There is no clear-cut evidence that ancient Egypt had a calendar! Last but not least, Egyptologists for over a century have questioned whether the Egyptians ever had a calendar.

In fact, over a century ago researchers nicknamed the Egyptian calendar the "annus vagus," which is Latin for the "vague calendar." It was obvious that the Egyptians had a calendar which no one in modern times can figure out.

Two separate Babylonian cuneiform tablets have been found, each one filled with an entire year of data on the sun, planets, and eclipses. Because the true year is actually 365.25 days in length, a 365-day calendar would wander backward and not return to its original position for 365 x 4, or 1,460 years.

This conjectured 1,460 years would be the "sothic cycle." What we are dealing with here is important, for the modernist theory about this supposed cycle is the basis for all Near Eastern dating.

Announce it to the priests of the town of Sekhem-Usertasen and of Anubis on the mountain and of Suchos . And have this letter filed in the temple records." Well, what does that mean to you? But Sirius could not be seen arising at those times when the sun was in the sky. 141) as the cycle, and proclaim it as the standard for the setting of ancient dates.

It would have to arise at least 36 minutes before the sun came up, in order to be seen. 6: The ancients did not know the correct length of the solar year. A true solar year would change the calculation from 1,460 to 1,507 years. There is an argument as to which time span is to be used for the complete cycle.

It is neither an extension of astronomical dating, nor based on it. Yet this sothic cycle theory is so vague, that it difficult to explain. It is thought by some that ancient Egyptians had some kind of yearly calendar. So much mystery surrounds the possibility of an Egyptian calendar that the experts call it a "vague calendar." Not really knowing what that calendar might have been, a number of speculations have been worked out.

The Flood had washed away all evidence of any humans living anywhere in the world before that time (that is, if discrepancies in radiocarbon dates are corrected; more on that later).—p. The world was saved from such a threat by its destruction. That dispersion may be referred to in the "division" mentioned in Genesis 11:8-9. Another problem has been a massive cover-up which has occurred in relation to carbon-14 dating. Upon learning of Libby's new radiocarbon dating method, Velikovsky began writing letters, urging that various items be analyzed. Unfortunately, he disclosed his findings that ancient dates agreed with Biblical events. Because of a lack of corroborative data, each eclipse mentioned in the papyruses could apply to a number of different dates, spanning over a thousand years!

Courville suggested there could have been two million inhabitants within two centuries.—p. Students of ancient Egypt are astounded that, suddenly, a full-blown civilization sprang up there—with next to no human activity beforehand.—pp. It could be applied to any organic material, and an approximate age could be derived. The proud boast is regularly made that Egyptian chronology is based on "astronomical dating." But this is not true. There was one other older Near Eastern eclipse, which has enough partial corroboratory data to fix it at one of two years. For all these reasons, Egyptian dates are not astronomically dated.—pp. The so-called "sothic cycle" is the third basis for the false "Egyptian calendar." Egyptian dating is keyed both to the king lists of Manetho and to the sothic cycle.

However, because of atmospheric conditions immediately following the Flood, carbon-14 dating, when applied to samples which died closer to the deluge, tends to give inaccurate, lengthened-out date readings which extend too far into the past. Egyptian dating is based on a theory, not on astronomy. A theory about the king lists provides a span of reigns, but a theory about the sothic cycle provides the actual dating.

Keying the beginning of Egypt to events after the Flood.

Let us now briefly overview events after the Flood which led to the founding of Egypt: Descent to Mesopotamia.

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As stated earlier, in this study you will learn that the changeover to an erroneous dating system of ancient events was based on an incorrect interpretation of Egyptian dating. evolution—a Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia, brought to you by Creation Science Facts.

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