Apolo ohno dating someone athletic

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Apolo ohno dating someone athletic

In college she was a sorority girl and it appears she's more interested in being social than taking care of herself.Overall she has no exposure on how to exercise which is unbelievable since she's so type A and is going to be a doctor!I got drinks with this cute 24 year old woman over the weekend.We are both medical students and our personalities mesh well.

If things progress further I'm going to be honest about my views on her lack of inactivity and if she's willing to change. My dating days are long over, but I think if a guy told me I "should" be doing this or that on the first date, he probably wouldn't get a second date. Oh, and for what it's worth, dancers work very hard, and burn a lot of calories.I would be inclined to try to teach her the basics of exercise, but it seems pointless if she's miserable the entire time. How would you feel if it turned out that she thought you were spending way too much time exercising, and was hoping to convince you to focus on other things once you start dating?Do NOT go into a relationship expecting to "fix" someone or to change them into your perfect partner. I don't think you're shallow if you say you can't date someone who doesn't share that value. More often than not, exercising or not exercising is just a matter of circumstances, environment, people you know or sports you watch on TV, your study and work and socializing schedules. Dating a Non-athlete wrote: She has a nice body Typically, non-active women have better physiques than runners. Her "dancing" consisted of knowing how to tap-dance. I'm not going to try to change her, I've learned that lesson from dating before.I appreciated her honesty in having no desire to exercise but I don't know what to do with this one.Is it really the shallow of me to dismiss her as a serious partner because she doesn't exercise?

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