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No one here was vulnerable or in a situation where they should reasonably expect privacy — they were all prepped for a TV appearance, and they all knew they were miked.

christie: It’s striking to me that this was not a locker room and he was not among a group of friends.

maggiekb (Maggie Koerth-Baker, senior science writer): I’ve had really conflicting thoughts about this.

It gives me the same reaction as Christie’s, but, also, I’m incredibly frustrated by what is and isn’t considered “a line too far” in this election. It’s OK to say a judge should recuse himself because of his ethnicity.

It reminded me of times where I’ve been treated in a way that told me that as a woman, my ideas will never be given as much consideration as my body, at least with certain men. colleen (Colleen Barry, general editor): Yeah, I really dislike the “locker-room talk” characterization this is getting.

“Locker-room talk” implies that everyone is vulnerable (read: naked) and the conversations that go on are 1. meant to cover the awkwardness of everyone showering together.

But he was clearly in a professional environment, which is another piece of it that was … christie (Christie Aschwanden, lead science writer): I had a really visceral reaction to the Trump tape.

Though also, 10 percent of Republicans said the video gave them a positive feeling, according to Politico/Morning Consult. colleen: Part of me wonders if that 10 percent are stubbornly saying they feel positive to spite a presumed liberal audience.

christie: Wow, I’m disturbed by the idea that the video could give someone a positive feeling.

This was a professional setting, they were two grown men and the purpose here seems to be to self-aggrandization. He was with Billy Bush, who was on “Access Hollywood” at the time and is now on NBC’s “Today” show (he’s been suspended).

Bush did nothing on the tape to change the course of the conversation or push back against Trump.

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But it’s only now that Republican leaders are like, “Whoa whoa whoa! It’s very telling (about the GOP) that it was forgivable to denigrate those other groups, and here I think the word “other” is exactly right.

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