Baby boomer dating tips

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Baby boomer dating tips

But regardless of when the sexual encounter occurs, the partner raising the question of commitment is likely headed for a psychological hit.

Our psyche is damaged when we find that our sexual qualities are more valued than our human qualities, and that our partner’s sense of “commitment” ends in the bedroom.

Apparently, lust at first site is more likely than love at first sight.We know the Bible is our guidebook for all of life’s important questions, and God speaks very clearly that we avoid sex outside of marriage.The Bible contains several references to “sexual immorality”, and the Greek language (from which the Bible is translated) uses the term porneia (pornography) which includes – among other things – premarital sex and extramarital sex.If we think that having sex will raise our partner’s commitment to us, we need to think again.Hazardous to Our Health Were we ever afraid of sex?

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Medically speaking, we’re advised that women over 50 are more vulnerable to HIV from heterosexual encounters, by virtue of thinner vaginal walls being more susceptible to cuts and tears.