Best loans for consolidating debt

Posted by / 16-Jun-2016 13:37

If you don't get funded for the entire requested amount, you can either accept or re-list it to try again. Lightstream offers astonishingly low interest rates for debt consolidation loans (5.99 percent - 9.99 percent) and has a maximum loan amount of 0,000.

Personal loans provide another option for those who are looking to manage their debt.

Personal loans are multipurpose, and the money can be used as needed to pay the debts and then pay off the loan -- hopefully with a smaller monthly payment and a longer repayment period.

Which personal loan services are best for debt consolidation?

Balance transfers are quite simple -- all you have to do is request a balance transfer once you have signed up and been approved for a new card.

The trick is to look for a card that offers 0 percent on balance transfers for an extended period of time or reduced APRs on balance transfers.

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Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending service that offers a loan process which is quite different from the traditional bank experience.