Bob jones university policy on interracial dating

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Another thing that amazes me is that even BJU grads who oppose the bigotry practiced and propagated by the Joneses/BJU, are quick to label as "bigots" those who point out the interracial dating Rule deception practiced by Bob Jones III. Although he was seemingly for the Petition to BJU to publicly apologize for the interracial dating bigotry, he accused me of "bigotry" for citing well-established facts, supporting Scripture, and logical, rational conclusions regarding Bob Jones III's interracial dating ban deception.He apparently thinks that to confront Bob Jones III's sin and heresy would undermine the Gospel.The authors of the Petition at Please Reconcile, Ignore, Defend, Forget, or Apologize?have done an excellent job of concisely exposing the deception Bob Jones III employed on LKL to deceive Larry King and the American people about the true nature and history of BJU's interracial dating and marriage ban.Although this Post was made on or about May 24, 2007, it belongs in the first part of the interracial dating ban Series.Please excuse the fact that I am unable to keep these posts in order.When I pointed out this to other BJU grads, they simply dismissed the facts and started talking about how good it was that the ban had been dropped.

But, propagating unbiblical division within the Body of Christ by banning interracial marriage, and doing it deceitfully the way Bob Jones III has done, is sin.

" He refused to answer the questions and accused me of "bigotry".

Defensible views that are based on facts, sound logic, and scriptural rationale are not evidence of bigotry, else every Christian who believed in the authority of the Bible would be a bigot.

Bob Jones III has never begged forgiveness from the University family for deceiving us and abusing those within our number.

And, Bob Jones III continued the deception by deliberately issuing false statements to the American people regarding the Rules.

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Quote of the Day: "What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive." D.