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Bobby cutts dating web page

The little girl told a psychiatrist she saw Cutts spank Davis`s 2- year-old son. Each computer has an IP address, and they can trace the location of where it was logged on from. Aren`t -- let`s see, three or four children by three different women -- didn`t he have enough women in his stable? (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: Who killed 22-year-old Jenna Nielsen? She was behind a convenience store when she was attacked in the early morning hours. We just heard from the Raleigh Police Department today.Anabelle (ph) claims her father told her she would grow up to be a Las Vegas stripper. And he`s going on the Internet not only a week before she is murdered, but within 12 hours after she is murdered and her body left out in the open in a national park. She was out trying to make extra money for the family at eight months pregnant, her child due July 8. Out to "The Raleigh Chronicle" editor-in-chief, Randall Gregg. They have confirmed that they did find a knife near the scene of the crime. And someone was walking along the side of the road and found the knife.And do formal court documents really reveal prior domestic abuse as the wife of murder suspect Bobby Cutts, Jr., files for divorce?(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Breaking news tonight in the case of accused killer Bobby Cutts, his wife, Kelly Cutts, filing for divorce just hours ago.(END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: And tonight, more light shed on a timeline. RENEE ROCKWELL, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Nancy, what`s the relevance of it? However, they have not stated that it is the actual murder weapon. GRACE: Is this the knife that was covered in blood, found by someone nearby in some type of a drug treatment center? They said they -- when they discovered that the knife was bloody, they, I guess, kind of panicked and threw the knife over a fence. According to the police department officers that we spoke with, they did find the knife the day of the murder, so it was found on that same day.It appears as if murder suspect Bobby Cutts, Jr., was actually trolling for dates in the hours immediately following 26-year-old`s Jessie`s death. The body was released to the family`s funeral home around noon today and arrangements were made. The police department also released today that the cause of death was from a stabbing wound, so it`s possible that it is the murder weapon. GRACE: Joining us is editor-in-chief of "The Raleigh Chronicle," Randall Gregg.

Those accusations actually cost Cutts his visitation rights a few months ago. GRACE: And Jessie was murdered, we believe, what day? LEIBERMAN: This is the address where it was actually accessed from, the computer. Joining us tonight from the Atlanta jurisdiction, Renee Rockwell. OK, ladies, how are you going to keep that out of evidence, that your client, Bobby Cutts, Jr., Renee Rockwell, created a dating Web site? ROCKWELL: Because you`re bringing his character into evidence, and it`s not relevant. For the family, the wait has been nearly unbearable.(BEGIN AUDIO CLIP) 911 OPERATOR: Did you say the car was empty? It was funny because, like, a light was on inside the car. I think it shows a very cruel and callous disposition, which can also be used in seeking the death penalty. GRACE: I hardly think it`s reversible error, but if that`s your best shot, I appreciate it, ladies. Nikki Giavasis, his one-time girlfriend -- they`re having a custody dispute. I think the little girl is about 8 or 9 years old, and apparently, according to official court documents, Dr.The car was pulled up right in front of his paper box, so I thought that maybe it was the owner of the store. ROCKWELL: Nancy, but you know what the prosecution doesn`t want to do is try the case twice. And in court papers, she and a psychiatrist has alleged some sort of abuse going on there between Bobby Cutts and their daughter. Glass, he would say -- Bobby Cutts, Jr., would say to the little girl, Oh, yes, you`re going to grow up to be a stripper in Vegas one day, and would also say -- would threaten to do her physical violence, and then laugh it off as if it had been a joke.The toddler tells police, "Mommy was crying," "Mommy broke the table," "Mommy`s in the rug." Headlines tonight, 26-year-old Jessie Marie Davis`s body finally heads home just hours ago as a formal death certificate is released.And tonight, more light shed on the murder timeline`s early morning hours.

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(END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: And tonight: Is there an epidemic? I`ll use it to my advantage because I`ll just say, You know what? GRACE: Let`s go back to the lawyers, Renee And Lauren. Well, you know, there aren`t a lot of jurisdictions, ladies, that have official legislative statutory grandparents` rights, but since one parent is in jail and the other parent is dead, it goes to them or siblings. So every person there that unfortunately wants to lay claim -- or actually, I shouldn`t say unfortunately -- which, you know, gratefully wants to care for these children after this tragedy, they will stake their claim, and then the court will decide what is in the best interests of the child.

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