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As friends are made and suggestions given, participants will have a gift pen and notepad to write down what they’re learning and make a reading list for the days to come. Smyrna Public Library is located at 400 Enon Springs Rd. Eagleville Bicentennial Public Library is located at 317 Hwy 99E in Eagleville.

Linebaugh Branch Librarian Carol Ghattas says: “It’s a fun way to get to know new people in our community and share a common love of books and reading at the same time. MGL Library is located inside Patterson Park Community Center at 521 Mercury Blvd.

♥Lists of Books They Like As students perused books, they added titles to their to-read lists for future reference.Speed-dating sessions are held about four times a year, when Krause restocks her book collection.Krause said she was at first hesitant about the idea, doubting students would read when they weren't being tested on it.The sophomore English class was Book Speed-Dating, a method introduced last school year, during which students move from table to table scanning book covers and titles to discover books of interest to them.They spend three minutes at each stop to find books that catch their attention until English teacher Stephanie Krause says "Rotate!

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Linebaugh Public Library is hosting a fun evening for book lovers on Thursday, September 8, at 7 p.m. Tables will be set up for participants to sit across from each other as questions are asked about different book types and what they like to read.

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