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joined the Lakers after graduating from Philadelphia's Lower Merion High School (and taking Brandy to prom! Meanwhile, Brandy and Kobe always maintained that they went to prom as friends and have been just that all along.

) made his acting debut as Terry Hightower, a star basketball player who at first wants to cheat on his SAT with Moesha's help.

Janet broke his heart and crushed his ego so he started drinking.

And Whitney, with all of her beauty, talent, influence and popularity at the time convinced him to start using cocaine.

Maybe it had something to do with my childhood crush; or maybe it was because she was one of the finest and most sought after women in the world at the time. But considering the Jackson family and their dating history, I really shouldn’t be surprised.

But sorry, Jeremy, Moesha prefers it Andrew Keegan and his flowing mid-1990s mane as Moesha's old friend who comes back into her life after her father of all people plans a reunion.

At least Brandy pretty much looks the same now as she did when she played the titular teen, which is also why it's such a mind-boggle when you realize how long ago the multifaceted UPN sitcom—one of the network's biggest all-time hits—was on the air. ) but fond memories of the smart show that wasn't afraid to tackle some serious issues—drugs, teen sex and pregnancy, race relations and more—live on.

And for your "average" teen from South Central Los Angeles, Moesha Mitchell sure crossed paths with a First, let's recall some of Moesha's love interests, when she wasn't with Q (Fredro Starr) or Hakeem (Lamont Bentley).

This account, Throwback hits/facts (@goldenerahits) informed me that Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson were an item in the mid eighties.

It all happened with Bobby declaring his love…or infatuation for Janet on BET’s “Video Soul.”When host Donnie Simpspon asked Bobby about his love life, he said, “I’m in love with Janet Jackson.” “I really fell for Ms. I never usually fall for women that fast, but she was an exception. He told her that he loved her and wanted her to leave the man she was with but according to Bobby, she broke up with him because her parents didn’t want her with a Black man. That’s pretty ridiculous, considering Janet and her family members are Black.

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In his 2008 biography, Bobby Brown: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But, Derrick Handspike, the author, writes about Bobby’s drug use over the years.“Bobby has sold drugs before, so he always knew the effect they could have on you.

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