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Only time will tell, but Shonda has certainly done a good job of teasing that fans would get to learn a lot more about how Arizona has changed and grown as a person following her relationship with Callie.Will Marika Dominczyk, Bridget Regan, or Tessa Ferrer be the new love interest of Arizona Robbins?Could one of these three lovely ladies end up being the mysterious sister of Owen Hunt?

BR: Rose would probably want to employ Dottie, would be my guess. People often ask me on Twitter, they’re like, “Is Rose Dottie’s grandmother? When I talked to Yara Martinez recently, and she said you’re one of her favorite people to kiss on screen.

How would you characterize Dottie’s feelings about Peggy? In one moment, Dottie’s day went from a negative three to a 10. Is there a sexual attraction there or is it just pure fun? But I think also, the lines are sort of grey, in my opinion, with Dottie. She’s not looking for a soul mate, but I would say there’s definitely an attraction there.

I feel like if she ever did have a soul mate in mind, it would probably be Peggy. Without giving too much away, we do get to see some different shades of Dottie in these episodes. ” [] But, no, I’m naval intelligence on that show, and I’m teamed up with everybody on the Nathan James [ship] and they’re a lot of fun, a lot of action.

At this time, no one really knows who is going to end up being the love interest of Arizona.

If her love interest is someone who just has a guest role on the show, does that mean the relationship is going to be temporary?

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boss to shed some light on who the brunette beauty is playing. I might hold back on that,” Brennan responded, carefully.