Carbon dating fun facts

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Carbon dating fun facts

Free html versions of activities and worksheets are available for most activities - links to these are available in the table below, in the left hand column.These activities are appropriate (or could be easily adapted) for middle school (i.e. The Science Standards addressed are on each activity page.Whether the demand for standby generator fuel increases due to a Gulf hurricane or the unseasonal demand for home heating gas rises, Blue Flame Gas is prepared for meeting and exceeding the expectations of LP Gas users in the Houston area.

They will examine Doppler radar images of the storm made at the same times as the images to understand how meteorologists try to forecast tornadoes.Next, they analyze model outputs to determine why it is a challenge to extinguish wildfires.Students will learn that earthquakes are the primary cause of tsunamis.Students first learn important concepts about hurricanes and view the accompanying "When Nature Strikes" video.Students will then study a set of computer model images for "Hurricane Sandy" (October 2012) to understand more about the difficulties of predicting the paths and intensities of a hurricane.

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