Christian virgin dating non virgin

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Here is the dark side, I think, of the chastity industry: it creates the sense that anyone who has failed sexually is broken and unclean. Would it be better if he or she had waited until marriage for sex?

Of course it would, and we should not downplay the value of sexual purity for singles and youths.

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Since the PCRT theme this year was Holiness and Honor: A Reformed View of Sex and Marriage, most of the Q & A was devoted to this theme.

Here is another question we did not get to, but which I will address now: As always, there are different ways of answering.

Third, what about the person's worthiness of your love?

After all, aren't we supposed only to want a virgin, especially if we have remained sexually chaste?

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But let us not make virginity a form of righteousness before God or a replacement for a grace-filled character.