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Coh validating media crack

The game installs perfectly and does all the little cut scenes, but goes yo the menu and says "can not detect disc". This is the only time I got the disc out of the case- how could there be a problem??? My Company of heroes is the orignal and I am having a problem that I've never had exept with this game.I bought a new Dell XPS 630 and the game is still havin problems.

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That message pops up when the game is patched but cannot connect to confirm you do have the game. No idea on how that would work on this game, but that may be an issue.---History will be kind to me for I intend to edit it on Wikipedia.

Hi, I've tried what seems to be dozens of different fixed exes for Company of Heroes Gold and none of them are working.

I mean bottom line it does play fine with the disc in the drive, but I'm hoping to get around that. I'll try the fixed files you mentioned and post back. Just to make absolutely sure I'm using the right files, here is what I did: I downloaded Coh OF2301which contained: I'm a bit baffled. True, my copies of COH were bought as they were shelled out, so the Gold Edition might have some extra protection that I'm not aware.

I also spend quite a bit of time away from a net connection, so I really don't consider Relic Online to be a viable option. That nice error was available from the first crack of Opposing Forces (they've added the protection, as the original COH had no such a thing). Do you have anything like alochol120% or other virtual drives created by any other programs than daemon tools?

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