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Throughout my career, I’ve received many support calls from clients asking to refresh their test company with the live database.This article will show you how to set up an automatic job in SQL and also schedule it to update periodically.There, you can find contact details, past and current financial data (turnover, own capital), lists of insolvency minimum risk companies and most dynamically growing companies, names of the managers, number of employees and the company's bank.Our databases are highly appreciated by sales, marketing, financial and legal departments of our clients.The information is made use of in Trade Reports, prepared on the basis of research and direct contacts with various companies.More detailed information on the Marketing Data has been provided in the attached PDF brochure.The prerequisites include: Step 1 : Back Up the Live database Launch SQL Management studio (depending on your version of SQL the screens will appear slightly differently.

Under the schedule tab, you can create a new recurring task similar to Outlook’s calendar invite, depending on how often you’d want the test database refreshed.

Save the script to a new note pad for the third script.

Step 4: Part Two of the Test Company Script Execute this first script: SELECT interid, CMPNYNAM, CMPANYID from dynamics..

Easy to use app to be downloaded HERE Databases of Companies - these are databases which enhance the process of precise targeting of telemarketing campaigns, and facilitate discovering companies of the lowest level of insolvency risk or the highest level of growth dynamics.

Data presented in Coface databases are verified by a credit information agency.

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