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Book of Odds thinks men spend even more cash, estimating that an average first date costs around 0, factoring in time and opportunity costs.

To put this cost into perspective for an "average guy" that's "nearly a third of what you take home in a week after taxes and just about 1% of your adjusted disposable income, for the entire year!

If everything worked out between you two, the greatest expense is the wedding.

Some men say that you may be able to fit within .5K budget, and others reckon it is not possible to achieve the desired outcome without having at least ,000 in cash and available credit card spending.

(But if you think it is a lot of money, local dating will cost you 3-5 times more.) According to the numbers supplied by the Bloomberg researcher Alison Damast, the average couple will spend USD ,441 before they tie the knot during a 2.5-year courtship.

I have written previously about the costs of dating, if you are seeking a serious relationship, comparing local and international courtship and related costs.

My conclusion was that it is much cheaper to date internationally than locally.

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But think about it: Even if you are paying $129 for a Gold membership on Elena’s Models, it’s only the cost of about 1 real-life dinner-and-movie date (with no guaranteed results). When women are removed from you, they are not expecting to be wined and dined immediately, and you can chat and establish relationships online, saving you a lot of money in ongoing costs of dating.

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