Credit rating dating

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Credit rating dating

The idea that credit scores are an indicator of how well someone handles commitment and honors agreements led to the creation of the online dating site Credit Score "If you're looking at building a life together, you need to know the details of each other's finances," says the site's owner, Niem Green."I realized if we were going to have a good start to this relationship, we needed to be open and honest with each other," she says."When I told him about my credit, he reassured me that we have all been in bad financial situations and worked our way out of them." Five months later, "It hasn't impacted our relationship at all." While credit scores are important, Sprauve believes it's not a black-and-white issue.Credit: A taboo topic The problem: Not everyone is willing to share their score.

On her second date with a man she met through an online dating service, Lauren was surprised when he revealed his credit score over dinner.

A 2013 Credit research poll found the same reticence: Discussing debt remains a huge taboo, as big or bigger than talking about religion, politics or your sex life.

While talking about credit scores on a first date seems "a little weird" to personal finance expert Liz Weston, she believes couples need to talk about their finances, including the all-important three digit number, before getting serious.

It wasn't until her date disclosed his score that Lauren realized great credit represented more to her than preferred mortgage rates.

"It was a reflection of whether he was responsible," she recalls.

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"If you can't buy your dream house or the interest rates are ridiculous or all of the loans and credit cards need to be in one person's name [because their spouse has bad credit], it can affect a relationship." When Credit Score launched in 2007, most of the members were in their 40s and, according to Green, often had relationships end because of financial issues.