Dateing fo swex

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Dateing fo swex

My confession is im a chick that just wants to have sex with another chick but these days all thy want is a meaningful relationship wana fall in love ever herd of tap and gap no strings i just wana fuk sexualy frustrated and need pussy bt chch dnt got much to offer cummon ladys were r u lol. My confession is that after having issue's with a flat i left and moved into a new place with my mate of 10 year's his partner of 7 year's and 2 other mate's...After a day i found out my mate had a serious crack addiction and while we all thought he treated his girlfriend so great turn's out he called her dumb/fat/Idiot and spent more time smoking crack than with her and just left her to run around after him like a king...Also irritates me when they go for guys who have wives or gf's or the guy treats them like shit..y'all just ruining it for yourselves and a leopard never ever changes its spots so if you sleep with dogs you will get fleas..she started it I promise I sed no at the start bt she sed she will make up lies saying I tried coming onto her or grabbing her if I didnt sleep with her.And you already thought I cheated on you once cos of what that chick said and ur mum suckerd me #189 GET AT ME I confess that nearly all chicks are slappers and even though they won't admit it they know its true.It’s a great opportunity to try before you buy; you’ll be able to see exactly how the site works, who we’ll match you with and why we’re so confident that e Harmony can help you on your search for love.

And i still care for her but have only spoken to her two time's in the last 2 months#183 WANT A MEDAL?198 - i have been with this guy for 8 years he says he loves me but he takes off without a word dusnt come home for hours and sometimes even a week without contact im worried he is hurt or even worse dead as he picks fights with any one its like he gets a high of it he picks on me hard out calls me every name under the sun and says he was jokein what should i do some one plz help me196 - AM I WRONG my gf treats me like crap and I always do everything to make her feel right?And buy her things spend money on her bt all she does is wine and complain.Got to go just got arrested see you Monday#183 GOTYA Anon a lil lame but just had to get it off my chest.....So once again I'm at home y u go out n don't come home to god only knows Wat hour u say ur just hanging with the guys but I doubt it highly as u hav cheated in the past.

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Bludger So I'm such a winner I'm like 20 with no job don't worry not taking your tax money because I'm not on benefit I just rob my friends work so I have money "whoops got caught" and sleep with my friends man "whoops caught again" no one can spread there legs wider then me!

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