Dating a bedwetter

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Dating a bedwetter

i really dont think u all know actually how common this is in girls and boys even up to the age of 25, i think missy q could of gone a different way about it, jus think perfect gentleman evrything that she could of wanted witha flaw of the bed wetter, now karma will get the best of her and end up with some arrogant idiot that has little respect for her, and guilt will prevail, ya know i used to wet the bed till 22 and then i met my current girlfriend whom ive been with or 2yrs now and have never wet since meeting her, you could have been a cure missy!Its pretty embarrassing wetting the tell you first hand!This figure could be significantly higher due to the stigma surrounding adult bedwetting.Many adults choose to wear diapers during the night to manage this problem and these individuals might be reluctant to get involved in a relationship because they are embarrassed about having to tell their boyfriend or girlfriend they have to wear diapers to bed.

This article offers suggestions about how you can tell your boyfriend or girlfriend you have to wear diapers because you wet the bed."And would I ever be able to indulge in expensive Egyptian cotton sheets?The answer was no." After deciding not to continuing seeing the man, Missy Q has been consumed with guilt at the fact that she couldn't suck it up and see past the incident.When I found her she was squatting in the corner of the spare room, going number one's thankfully...After I finished freaking out I realised that was definately better and easier to clean up that way than changing sheets and flipping a mattress at 3 in the morning....

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And i guess i can understand seeing if from the other side of the fence.. My younger brother who was still living at home at the time got up in the morning (still drunk apparently) and walked into the kitchen, flipped open the lid on the bin and proceeded to have a wee in front of my Mum who stood there in total disbelief...