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Dating and engagement customs in egypt

During the Middle Ages, an exchange of rings and a promise constituted a legal marriage.This custom was manipulated by monarchs to their advantage to remove themselves of an unwanted spouse.

Anne of Brittany made the white wedding dress a popular to the upper social classes in 1499. The modern wedding dress tradition says that the white dress symbolizes the purity of the bride. As with the bridesmaids, they are to surround the bride as to confuse the evil spirits as to who is the actual bride. Marry in the month of May, and you'll surely rue the day.

There are many traditions and superstitions that have become a part of wedding ceremonies.

Many are so old that their origins are not easily traced and the interpretation has been altered over the centuries to work with the times.

The ring should be moved from the left hand to the right hand by placing the two fingers end to end and sliding the ring to the other finger.

With that the future bride should not allow anyone to try on her ring, especially a "female friend." Superstition has it that she will steal your fiancé if you allow her to try on your ring.

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From the time the couple gets engaged and the ring is placed on her finger, the superstitions and traditions begin.

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