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This checklist has been created to help agencies to consider key issues for website information architecture in the Australian Government context.

The items in the checklist are, however, not mandatory.

It is about planning where information and services will be located on the site in the most convenient and logical way for users.

Effective IA can help ensure that sites meet business and user needs.

May 2004 (organisational details updated January 2008) Australian Government departments and agencies have developed a range of websites and intranets that provide information and services.

Over time, these sites have grown, and the information architecture - the way in which the information is structured on the site - has become more important.

Those architects can add these graphics to the final IA documentation, too, using desktop publishing tools like Adobe Illustrator.Many IA professionals participate in all or part of the technical processes used to implement their design.Let's take a look at what's involved in that implementation.Some of the things the architect might document are descriptions of the types of packages and their attributes, diagrams showing how packages relate to each other, flow charts showing how users' decisions lead from one package to another, and Web page layout models called wireframes showing how information should be displayed to the user.When new or updated IA designs require approval from a manager or board before they're implemented, architects might develop slide shows to use when presenting the plan in meetings.

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This checklist was developed with the assistance of Australian Government agencies.

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