Dating god waiting way

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Dating god waiting way

It is possible for a young person to become interested in a member of the opposite sex to the exclusion of everyone else.

It's important to reach out to everyone in your group, and not to focus on just one person with the result that other people are ignored or snubbed. Avoid sinful cliques where only a few are included in your little group and others are excluded.

Dear God, As I woke up this morning, I thought about time and the idea of stepping out in faith.

Is God able to bring the right person into my life, or do I need to depend upon an internet dating service?

Thank you for the courage to wait and patiently trust that my Father knows what is best for me.

Amen.--Submitted by member, Judith Mereki Do you have an original Christian prayer that would encourage or benefit a fellow believer?

"Waiting on God" is an original Christian prayer submitted by an member.

It is a sincere prayer for strength to continue waiting on God.

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