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Dating guru brad

Fearless Dating was about getting guys into feeling and the feelings they had us access were pain, sadness, fear, and anxiety.

For what was called boldness exercises, Brian had us access anger. The reasoning behind this was that it was easy for guys to get into those feelings because they were common for guys to feel.

As awesome, and challenging, as that year was, I still had to face inner game shit that I didnt really know how to deal with. So different that you may confuse yourself and become worse than when you started.

Even if you didnt start with him, it was important to learn one companys way of pickup and master it before moving on. I could blame my mental, emotional, or behavioral state at the time I left Brad Ps Pickup Mansion, yet I still did jump ship.

It wasnt that I was dissatisfied with Brads program.

On the contrary, an incredible year was over and I didnt know what to do with myself.

This only made students feel worse about themselves.

This company, along with many others, hired girls to come in for the guys to practice on.

This either re-traumatized the student, or reinforced the feelings and emotions that havent been dealt with.Fearless Dating made the exercises harder than they had to be.The justification for this was that it would be easier in the field if it was harder in practice.Great for him, but still a deviation from his original goals.Two students had been with Fearless Dating for 5 years. One of these guys had ONE club makeout (remember, this is within 5 years of doing Fearless Datings feeling work.). It was typical for a Fearless Dating student to go through real, and sometimes severe, depression. Another student called me because he had intense emotions he felt overwhelmed by, instead of calling Brian.

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His own roommate tried to talk him out of these episodes, but to no avail.