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It has had the bridge replaced which left three small holes barely visible ().Some builders don't favor the vintage bridge, believing that it makes the pickup more harmonic and prone to squealing.Switching is currently set up vintage style: (1) tone control out of circuit, (2) tone control adjustable, and (3) tone control turned all the way back, utilizing 3 capacitors for a dark (aka mud) tone.The installed Duncan is a 4-conductor so it can be wired single coil-humbucker-out of phase.From what I gather, his shop can be considered sort of the Tom Anderson of Denmark, in fact his new headstock resembles Anderson, and Suhr for that matter.He offers three standard models, with enough custom options to make every guitar as unique as you'd like it to be.

It retains the back half of the traditional bridge but doesn't surround the pickup, therefore eliminating the shortcomings of the vintage bridge.

One look at this one and you think "Esquire", but it's so much more.

One thing that really sets it apart from traditional Fenders is Rahbek's neck joint which is considerably deeper than a Fender and beveled to be very thin where your hand comes around.

One of my favorite features as far as maintenance is concerned, is the truss rod adjustment, a wheel style located at the base of the neck (Musicman style) which adjusts with any small bar or steel pin and doesn't require you to gash up the body trying to squeeze and Allen wrench into the adjustment screw.

Features include lightweight swamp ash body, quartersawn maple neck with medium depth, nicely rounded in back with a 9.5" radius, stainless steel frets, and staggered Gotoh locking tuners that retain the vintage look from the front.

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