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When it comes to keeping the show going, ABC and Netflix aren’t the only options, of course.

Perhaps Marvel could copy what CBS is doing with “Star Trek” by making “Agent Carter” an attractive part of a subscription service.

Fans of super-heroic storytelling already flock to Netflix, which has released Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil.” Adding “Agent Carter” would give the streaming giant a family-friendly Marvel drama, which it now lacks.

“Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil” have their adherents, for good reason, but there’s an optimism to “Carter” that sets it apart from Marvel’s darker Netflix fare.

Unlike most superhero and superhero-adjacent properties, “Agent Carter” is light, semi-comedic and has a jaunty tone.

“Agent Carter” took over the slot of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” — a much-improved show that has its own ratings woes — and Peggy Carter’s drama has received lackluster promotion, especially this year.The good news is, we’re past the point where ratings alone are the main determining factor regarding a show’s cancellation or renewal chances.Marvel has sunk millions of dollars into the 18 hours of “Agent Carter” it has already made, and it should build on that investment with a Season 3.“Carter” made a charming impression when it arrived in January 2015, and the show and its cast only improved on their admirable track record in the delightful second season, which ends Tuesday.There’s nothing to fix here, let alone improve — aside from the overnight ratings.

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It shouldn’t keep the show on the air simply because it has a female lead, but because Peggy Carter is a wonderfully nuanced and complex female character, one who’s imbued with exceptional charisma and charm by star Hayley Atwell.