Dating rituals in different cultures

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Dating rituals in different cultures

Some religions give collections of individuals power over life. A gathering of family members and close friends at the home of the deceased to pray and to offer support.

Some religions give spirits more power over life than the living. A wake is held at the home of the deceased every night from the time of the death to the time of the burial.

Close family members mourn by dressing in black or white.

Indigenous peoples also exchanged ideas and goods among themselves.Guilt and Regrets HIV Information HIV Medicines HIV/AIDS support groups HIV Testing in NJImmigration and Loss Incarceration Infertility Job Loss and Grief Listening Looking for Support Loss Men and Grief Mental Health Support Miscarriage or Stillbirth Loss What is Mourning?Murder or Homicide PTSDSchool Fights Scream Box: How to Make Self Injurious Behavior Sexual Abuse Sibling Loss Special Needs & Children 1Special Needs & Children 2What Parents Can Do Speaking to Very Ill People Students Share Concerns Suicide Prevention After a Suicide Attempt Healing After a Suicide (School)Suicide Survivors Support After a parent's suicide: returning to school College, Grief and Suicide Supporting a Griever Talking to Grieving Children Teen Grief Teen Resources Books for Teens Teens Grieving in School Traumatic and Sudden Loss Traumatized Children Violent Death Virtual Book Tour of Always My Brother What Does That Mean?Culture: the total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings, which is passed on from one generation to the next.Heritage: that which comes or belongs to one by reason of birth.

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