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Here is what we know: I give these statistics not to scare you, but because it is important for those mothers who have lost their children to know that they are not alone; to know that there are many others out there who are needing to navigate this loss too.I have worked with countless women in my office as they try to manage the unfamiliar emotions that surround loss, and I have learned a great deal from these phenomenal moms.While this has apparently been rescinded, there is an ongoing immigration clampdown on foreigners who are illegally employed in Bali, particularly in the tourism field.As of July 2015, many nationalities (currently excluding Australians) can now enter the country without paying for a tourist visa. You only get 30 days, can’t extend, and have to both enter and leave through specific airports – one of which is Bali. As of November 2015, you could still choose to ask for the old tourist visa on arrival at the airport.Losing a baby though miscarriage, elective termination, stillbirth, childbirth, after a NICU stay, SIDS, or any other time is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult experiences that a parent will ever endure.There are no words to explain the depth of despair that a parent goes through when attempting to understand the shift that occurs when all hopes and expectations suddenly drop out from underneath anything stable.

If you are feeling vulnerable at this time and this post does not speak to your experience, consider not reading it as it may cause you distress at a time when you are trying to regain strength.

It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological condition.

Please consult your own health care provider for individual advice regarding your specific situation and needs.

I also have a dear friend and colleague who lost her daughter hours after birth and she, too, has honored me with her insight, pain, and eventual healing.

With the information gathered from both my clients and my dear friend (who is now a clinician in San Francisco specializing in perinatal loss), this post is written for all of the moms out there who are trying to navigate the unfamiliar postpartum experience while also grieving the loss of a child that never made it home or past that first year mark.

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