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The ERDL jackets and trousers were the same as 3rd Pattern Jungle Jackets and Trousers. Rip-stop poplin trousers appear at around 1968, but there are some early 1967 prototypes around. Check the drawstring at the bottom of the trousers.

Each pocket has drainage eyelets at the bottom.2nd Pattern: Manufactured from Poplin it had concealed buttons on the angled pockets and jacket closure.

The coat is worn outside of the trousers and the trousers are bloused into the boots. The shirt was a cotton sateen dyed in olive drab army shade 107.

Used early on it had two straight chest pockets and exposed buttons on all closures.

It provided good protection against the sun, insects, and other tropical hazards.

The loosely fitted garments provide ventilation and moisture dissipation.

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Be sure to check for the small inner pocket in the front left hand cargo pocket, this is a sure way to date jungle trousers, since the post war ones didn't have this feature. Accuracy is important for the reenactor, care should be taken to get it right.

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