Dating website australia nathan ridley

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Dating website australia nathan ridley

Indie directors reveal the most exciting and depressing aspects of filmmaking in 2016.

There are many paradoxes to being an indie filmmaker in 2016.

There’s an audience who wants more interesting more atmospheric genre films and that’s really exciting.

Discouraging: Sci-fi has been turned into robot schlock.

Discouraging: In Israel, where I made “One Week and a Day,” the Prime Minster, Bibi Netanyahu is now trying to shut down (before it even opened) a new public TV channel that can bring quality content because he’s afraid of what the channel’s news will report about him.

Anita Rocha da Silveira, “Kill Me Please” Encouraging: The discussion about gender equality.Indie Wire checked in with the indie directors behind the “New Auteurs” and “American Independent” feature films at this year’s AFI FEST and asked: What is the most exciting and discouraging thing happening in filmmaking today?Asaph Polonsky, “One Week and a Day” Encouraging: That the miniseries “Olive Kitteridge” exists.It took a while, but sci-fi has now fallen to the wayside as horror had once done.Every sci-fi movie is robots or city-crushing aliens.

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Gone are the days of the thoughtful and pensive “Solaris” or “Soylent Green,” films that used the genre as window dressing for philosophy, a disguise to make dense philosophical ideas more digestible.

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