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It also explains why our greatest heartbreaks often occur with these most intense, fiery attractions.Some of us react to past heartbreaks by dating only those on the low end of our attraction spectrum; we're frightened of the intensity and the risk of painful loss when we approach people on the higher end.We often feel safest with people who don’t do much for us on a physical or romantic level because it just feels more comfortable—but the downside can be boredom, frustration, and a lack of passion.Many others only date people on the high end of their attraction spectrum, because they believe that’s where real love and passion lie.If sex is not important to you, or if you can enjoy sex with someone to whom you are not physically attracted, then obviously it's not an issue. This post will share some ways to cultivate sexual and romantic attraction to people who are kind, respectful—and available.

Let’s say that there is a "spectrum of attraction," from 1 to 10; the people at the far end aren’t physically or romantically attractive to us at all, but those at the upper end are icons—they’re compellingly attractive, leaving us weak in the knees and triggering both our longing and our insecurity.

Is it then shortsighted to not date someone whom you are extremely compatible with but not very attracted to? For most people, sex is an important part of a romantic relationship.

Furthermore, can't attraction develop over time? If you feel no sexual desire for your partner, but you do crave a sexual connection, you're setting yourself up for struggle and disappointment.

All of us have unresolved childhood hurts due to betrayal, anger, manipulation, or abuse.

Unconsciously, we seek healing through our partner.

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” Our attractions are forged in the deep space of our being, born of countless, often unknowable forces.

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