Dating while brown

Posted by / 12-Oct-2015 03:13

They knew that when it comes to Black women’s quality of life, there is nothing more political or personal than the person we’re sleeping with.

In a culture where sisters are dying in alarming numbers from domestic violence, what responsibility do I have to them and to myself to choose intimate partners whose thinking and actions are sound on these matters?

Frankly, being mad that someone calls you a bitch or a ho, but not being mad that a dude beats a woman’s ass, seems to be an exercise in missing the point.

How do we change this thinking in our communities that a woman’s behavior is responsible for pushing a man over the edge?

That men are out-of-control beings around whom we must tread on eggshells?

And if I ask my students to question their assumptions and to demand better treatment in their relationships, then what kinds of things must I demand in mine?

Finding a potential mate can be hard when a majority of online users don’t look like you do.

In a post last year, I lamented the fact that I was meeting men who were rarely physically interested in me and who were always and only intrigued by my mind.

Soulswipe User: Looking for friends with benefits, maybe more.

Android and IOS If there’s one thing online daters can agree on it’s that traditional online dating sites are severely lacking in soul.

Back then, most Black folks voted Republican as they were the more liberal party at the time and the party of Abraham Lincoln.

But there were times when some Black men determined to vote Democrat so they wouldn’t be the target of white racial backlash.

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That she can ever do something to deserve to be beaten to a pulp?