Dc dating blog

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Dc dating blog

There are lots of winter activities that get people out of the house from January-March, including ice skating in Georgetown, restaurant dining by the fireplace and musicals at the Kennedy Center. Head to the National Zoo, rent a paddle boat on the Potomac or check out the food trucks at Farragut Square. Excuse: My job really picks up at the beginning of the New Year.Reality Check: You can’t let work monopolize your time, instead, you have to prioritize dating in the New Year!Reality Check: If you feel like you have outgrown the bar scene, there are plenty of other places where you can meet new people.Be proactive about your social life by joining a co-ed intramural sports team, attending networking events outside of your own profession, or checking out live music shows. Reality Check: DC is full of busy, ambitious professionals that have packed schedules.Our high-touch, personalized services are the perfect complement to your Match profile.In our line of work, we speak to singles every day about their search for love, and have heard many reasons why people believe they haven’t yet found the one.I’m not sure what that “need” entails exactly, but I suppose it runs the gamut.

As Three Day Rule’s DC matchmakers, we are excited to bring our services to a city brimming with talented, ambitious, and attractive singles.

While you spend your free time having brunch with friends or going to the gym, TDR matchmakers will work 24/7 to find you compatible matches. Reality Check: Everyone deserves to find love and to be in a happy, healthy relationship.

Since we personally meet and vet every match for you, you won’t be wasting time and will only be going on dates with the best matches we select for you. However, there is a difference between being selective and closing doors too quickly.

Make sure you prioritize the number of ‘checklist’ attributes you are looking for in a mate and be realistic in what you’re looking for. Excuse: I have dated all the single people in this city!

Reality Check: You may think that you have met every single person in DC, but the reality is that you are probably looking in the same spots or dating within the same group of friends.

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