Dirty adult chatrooms uk

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Dirty adult chatrooms uk

So before responding to some one on here or any other forum are we supposed to check their age I think people are getting a bit hysterical? is it then against the law and what would we class as sexual chat?It's not specifically against the law to talk to a child about sex, but if the police/magistrates/jury decide that the reason you were doing so was in order to get some sort of sexual arousal or kicks out of it, they can and will do you for something, and stick you on the Sex Offenders' Register. If you know the person is under age you should not be having any inappropriate conversation..of. I can't even believe that you are having this discussion. If you know the person is under age you should not be having any inappropriate conversation..of. Try reading the thread before commenting on it, hey? I fail to see the fascination in talking sex to strangers in cyberspace anyway, you might be chatting to some 95 year old geezer in a nursing home with his trousers round his ankles:gag: I can't even believe that you are having this discussion.I wound up internet stalking this friend to prove a point when she told me she was flirting with somebody else she'd not met online I showed her all the instances I could find of her online (thank you google), finishing with showing her a map of where she lives - so if she thought she was safe teasing a bloke who was 'threatening' to come round and see her, whilst she's home on her own.... I think I know what the issue is If you're chatting to a young person in this vein, you can't guarantee who they will or won't relay (brag about) this to If that person then chooses to report this to the police as they deem it inappropriate, you can wind up with a smudge on your record that can never be removed, as (thanks to Ian Huntley's case) all instances of such reports are kept now Ian Huntley was reported for numerous misdemeanours prior to the murders he committed whilst a caretaker at a school, but those reports were wiped as they were unproven - hence the change in the law I think talking about bunny rabbits with an underage girl would not be illegal. We are having an adult discussion about the boundaries involved with talking online to young people...don't get het up and ratty about it.Talking about anything of a sexual nature could be construed as corrupting the morals of a child. Also the OP (if I can grasp their non language) was trying to say that there was no sexual content to the chat.

The onus seems to be on the defendant to prove that his relationship with the child was not an attempt to coerce him/her into a sexual relationship at some point down the chatting to under 16 yr olds breaking the law... i'm currently havin a debate on the issue and cant find any laws on line that give aclear indication.. . an interesting case :huh: how young would the bloke have to be for it to be okay for him to kiss her then? if you dont meet up and have sex or dont have general contact but thru emails, r tx;s u have chatted in general r even in a sexual way is the chat unlawful especially if the person is over the age of 16 thats chatting... thanks If in doubt stay clear save yourself any problems :)I don't think it is illegal to just talk to somebody regardless of age, but I reckon it's a bit risky.

Frankly, I'm struggling to see what crime he committed.

Not sure if it against the law but I dont see why an adult would want to "chat" to a 16 year old or anyone under that age over the tinternet especially of they did not know them :confused: I am only 27 & would definately feel very uncomfortable in talking to a 16 year old on the net.

Irrespective of the outcome throw enough mud about and some will stick,at the end of the day anybody who uses the chat rooms or for that matter a lot of the cowboy sex orientated dating lines havent the foggiest idea just who is on the other side of the computer and has far as believing the child may be over age heres another fact of law to digest...ignorance is no defense .most you can use the ignorance for is mitigating circumstance in respect of guilt.

Dont believe what is supposedly the law of the land,it just doesnt happen that way in real life I totally agree.... :)) If you think someone is underage, then it's better to keep a distance...

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I know a young girl who I talk to in real life, I wouldn't dream of trying to contact her via the internet even if I just wanted to chat about bunny rabbits. The OP also didn't specify for what age the talker was to be.

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