Double your dating the reference

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Two things: the somewhat random-looking picture above is from The Moon Is Blue, a 1953 film that’s the first known reference to the ‘dating rule’ discussed here.Secondly, I don’t make any judgement about the validity of the ‘dating rule’ – you might find it a useful rule of thumb or a ludicrous restriction; I find it a nice thing to do some algebra on.For instance, you might want to know what the oldest age you could reasonably date would be.The rule doesn’t say anything about that, but it does also apply to the other person. We take away seven from each side to get $y-7=x \div 2$, and then double both sides to get y-14=x$.

From publishing posts that no one reads to posts that get thousands of views and hundreds of comments within a day.Luckily, we can transition from theoretical concepts to the actual research data. People skim to read the key points of an article to see if they are interested.If they are interested, they often go back and read the article more slowly.Not only that, if someone walked up to you with it and asked you to read it, it’d probably be intimidating.The same thing happens when you make your blog post too wide.

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There is a so-called rule about dating: the youngest age you are supposed to date is half your age plus seven.