Dude adult chat

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Dude adult chat

California loves England, England loves California. Or else don't use any name, just say "pass me the sauce" instead of "dude or brah pass me the brew".Brah is also super commonly used, typically between bros but some stoner chicks use it too.

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And, of course as many before me have pointed out: Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Of course, though, this is all hugely subculture-dependent! " Or else if you're trying to summon a group then we just say the typical "guys, look! And no one really says 'chica' either in cali so i wouldn't suggest that.

But i mean if you visit norcal, at least, just stick with your native slang, we love people's phrases from other places, especially if you're from England, its a mutual love for each other yeah?

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Sometimes I say/hear "chick", but that's very familiar. Also, how do 'hon' and 'sweetie' have associated male gaze (I find them to be used mostly by women anyway (men in the south? Can you elaborate how you find male gaze in those two terms?

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