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Pick up White Dwarf to find out more…You've seen photos on the internet.

You've seen him in the already legendary ' Eddie goes bin-diving' video.

If you've got experience in print, design or related areas and would love to work on White Dwarf, this could be the job for you! We'll be posting more on the Reprographics Operator job shortly. Look at all the great features we've got for you this issue. Let us know what your favourite features are so far in the comments.

Here are the details: Hey folks – we're looking for a couple of new members of the team – a Photographer and a Reprographics Operator! Do you want to take amazing photos of miniatures for White Dwarf? One of the favourites from last issue appears again this month – ' Eavy Metal Masterclass!

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We'll have a preview for you a little later on today, but in the meantime the guys over at the Warhammer Community site have an awesome look at Ahriman. So, nearly time for another new issue of White Dwarf, and what do we have for you this month?

But, hurry, the Reprographics Operator job will close on this coming Sunday.

Take a look and, if you think it might be for you, follow the instructions on how to apply. So, here's the other great opportunity to join the White Dwarf team – we're looking for a Reprographics Operator.

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