Eight rules for dating my daugher 5 years dating anniversary poem

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Eight rules for dating my daugher

When someone repeatedly drains everyone around them, how do you maintain a sense of compassion without getting sucked into their doom? Even if it seems unlikely someone will wake up one day and act differently, we have to remember it possible.

So I tell myself this, “I can only control the positive space I create around myself.” Then when I interact with this person, I try to do two things, in this order of importance: This goes back to the ideas I mentioned above.

Have you maintained the relationship so you can gossip about this person in a holier-than-thou way with others?

Do you have some sort of stake in keeping the things the way they are?

” While I believe everyone deserves compassion, I understand what she meant after reading more.

She went on to describe her offensive, sexist, racist boss who emotionally exhausts everyone around him.

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Then I remind myself that I can’t change her whole way of being in one phone call. I also can’t listen for hours on end, as I’ve done in the past. It’s tough not to react because we’re human, but it’s worth practicing.