Elluminate whiteboard not updating

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Elluminate whiteboard not updating

To follow all of the activities that take place during the session (including the presentation slides) screen reader users need to enable the Activity Window.

To enable the Activity Window on Windows systems press the Control key plus forward slash at the same time.

As you prepare for the online sessions in Blackboard Collaborate we want to ensure you have all of the resources that you need so that you are successfully up and running for your first session.

Blackboard provides detailed information for the accessibility features of the Collaborate software on their help pages, including information about JAWS, keyboard navigation and using the activity window to report session events.

Release will contain Skype for Business branding from Microsoft and will configure the look of your room system to be consistent with the latest Skype for Business client that your customers are using on their other devices.

Starting on January 1, 2012 Blackboard Collaborate v11 will become the default version for the LINGOs Collaborate licenses.

This will be addressed in a future version of firmware, but for now the work around is to disable display detection in the advanced menu of the RL2 by switching this button to OFF.

Click to enlarge When sharing content on any RL unit, your content shows even though you have requested it not to. This issue is present in and below and will be resolved in a future version of firmware to be released.

To assist you in learning about the new version of Blackboard Collaborate, LINGOs has scheduled four training sessions so far to show you around the new interface.

The participant links to join the sessions can be found in the LINGOs Events below: We encourage you to set up some test sessions on your own to play around and become familiar with the new version of Blackboard Collaborate.

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