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Emile hirsch dating

Milk marks the feature film writing debut of Dustin Lance Blank who, with this film, announces himself as a screenwriter to watch.Blank condenses Milk's life without marginalizing the man and director Gus Van Sant shows considerable restraint in handling the subject matter.

But the fact is within minutes of sitting down to watch Benjamin Button you are so lost in this beautiful story, you don't think twice about it being Pitt and Blanchett under all that make-up.

Directed by Ron Howard and adapted for the screen by Peter Morgan (who wrote the stage play the feature film's based on), Frost/Nixon isn't just about politics and that's what makes it so fascinating. While the film's a little violent, it's also absolutely hilarious and features the best performance of Farrell's career. Had it hit theaters in the fall, In Bruges might have stood a chance at earning a spot on more Top 10 lists and maybe even an award or two.

More » Another bit of American history I wasn't familiar with prior to seeing a feature film on the subject, Milk chronicles Harvey Milk's rise from a small business owner to being the first openly gay man elected to office in California.

The result is a film that's believable, relatable, and genuinely touching. It's not that I didn't want to like it - in my book Pixar hasn't made many missteps in the past.

But come on...a movie about a robot that compacts trash for hundreds of years and looks a little like the character in Short Circuit? And not only that, Pixar didn't hide the fact there wasn't much dialogue in the movie.

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The Dark Knight is just about as good as movies get. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button may run 2 hours and 45 minutes but it's 2 hours and 45 minutes I'll never regret spending in a theater.