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Shop our huge selection of horror movies on DVD, then head over to our blog or forum to get your horror fix! Three strangers find themselves at a villa, each with the same goal of discovering the Fountain of Youth, rumored to be nearby.

One by one, they succumb to the carnal perversions and depraved delights provided by the villa, unaware they pawns in the resurrection of a centuries old evil.

This section also includes sexological treatises from authors such as Suárez Casañ and Martín de Lucenay, as well as a series of articles and talk on Eugenics.

Unlike Spanish high culture (both liberal and conservative), which has a strong preference for traditional female roles and identities and resorts rarely, if at all, to “new” versions of womanhood, popular erotica makes it possible for Spanish women to look beyond the Pyrenees and to seek models in their more advanced and certainly more liberated female counterparts.

The same thing occurs in the case of male and female homosexuality, long a taboo topic of high culture: local erotic cultures draw heavily on foreign models.

Nudism: Here we find a selection of magazines, books and authobiographical reflections upon nudism, such as the magazines Pentalfa and Biofilia, Laura Brunet’s fictionalized account of German nudism in Desnudismo Integral, and Martín de Lucenay’s sexological treatise on nudity and nudism.

Image Gallery: a selection of visual images on different erotic themes, such as the female bather; the female reader; the female smoker; hysteria; porn cinema; male and female homosexuality, etc.

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Erotic Novelettes: A selection of erotic novelettes from erotic collections, such as La Novela de Hoy, La Novela Pasional, and La Novela Sugestiva.