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with a very curt and less than friendly message wanting to know how he found her.

After three hours of no response he prods at her again, then yet again on 2/19.

They may not be used to social norms, have a hard time keeping the conversation flowing naturally, or get nervous and say the wrong thing at the worst possible time.

More often than not, someone who is socially awkward has poor social calibration; they may make people uncomfortable because their behavior feels it might be that they’re dangerous or there’s a hazard the rest of us haven’t noticed, but that “off” behavior is going to make us instinctively look for a threat.

And this is where excusing creepy behavior as “just being awkward” gets especially insidious. well, most of college, honestly, was one long cringe-fest of not knowing how to talk to people, saying the wrong thing at the worst time and generally flailing around making things worse. You can almost always track the exact moment they realize that they’ve done something wrong by the way they desperately try to backtrack, apologize and generally try to reassure the other person that they didn’t mean to and they’re see? Or turning it around and making it about the person whose boundaries they just blew past.

After all, it’s not like she didn’t tell him to doesn’t respond until the next day, 2/18 …

But being anxious or socially clumsy or inexperienced A socially awkward person frequently realizes that they fucked up almost as soon as the words are out of their mouth and will often freeze up or try to verbally backpedal; a creeper who is using “socially awkward” as an excuse on the other hand, will wield their supposed infraction against the other person as proof that they didn’t do anything wrong… In fact, we have an excellent example of this behavior. The Hot Topic Clerk” hit the popular image sharing site Imgur and rocketed across blogs and tumblrs into Internet legend.

Let’s examine a recent bout of internet infamy for “awkward vs. To sum up the situation: a guy developed a crush on a clerk he saw while shopping at a Hot Topic.

When they get caught, they’ll often claim to be “socially awkward” as a way of deflecting responsibility for their actions and – more importantly – putting pressure on their target to Someone who is socially awkward, on the other hand, is someone who has issues with basic social skills.

They may have acute anxiety or nervousness in social settings.

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The lack of response and engagement is what’s known as a “soft no”; a way of indicating a lack of interest without a direct refusal.

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