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Personally, I don't see this as being any more elegant than "=POWER((1 0.1),(1/365))-1" because neither are particularly intuitive, but it might be a little easier to remember.

Let's say you have two workbooks that you use for tracking sales in the current month, 2015June and 2015June B.xls, and that 2015June contains links to data in 2015June Under this scenario, you could have a June folder, and then make a copy of the whole folder and name it July.You would then have duplicate copies of the workbooks in separate folders.Another approach is to deal with your monthly files as a whole.In other words, don't have the filenames reflect the month, but put all the workbooks for the month in a single folder that is named after the month.

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Similarly, what is the Excel formula for calculating a compounding weekly interest rate that I can use to apply weekly interest and end up with $10,000 charged at the end of 52 weeks?